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Free Checklist – 19 Advanced Deliverability Factors

Some find email to be a mystery. What can you do to increase your deliverability? Why do you continue to get 30% opens or less, while others can achieve 45-52% open rates or higher! We’re on the virge of launching a brand new book, titled “Maximum Open Rates” which you’re going to get a huge discount on, but in the mean time… want our basic high level checklist to get you started?

Most people don’t know what they don’t know. With this list, at least until our “Email Bible” is ready, you can start Googling and learning on your own!



Dan, Michelle & Team.
P.S. (You still reading this stuff? There’s free stuff up there ^^.. Ok.. so we plan to send way more than just your free checklist. But rest assured, we will ONLY send you stuff that helps you get amazing results. Beyond telling you when our book comes out, we’ll never try to sell you anything. Our aim is to keep you fully informed on the most advanced email marketing techniques on the planet.)