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Email marketing is without question the most powerful marketing method online. Yet, over the years email marketing has taken a beating in it’s PR department. It’s not as sexy as social. It’s not as exciting as ranking #1 on Google and the bravado that goes with that. It’s certainly not as controllable and adjustable as Pay Per Click can be… but it has so much more longevity and so much more power in the long run.

For those that read my posts regularly, you’ll know I spent the last year helping people build email servers. I also did consulting on deliverability issues and helped with re-engagement campaigns. In the last few months I’ve really put a heavy focus on a totally different area of email marketing..


What’s a launch, you might ask? An email launch is a sequence of emails sent to a list to:

  1. Create trust
  2. Establish some new ideas
  3. Create a two way conversation with the list
  4. Generate excitement and anticipation
  5. Make a killer offer they can’t refuse
  6. Close the offer by a certain day

The real power of email (although there are many elements to it) is the simple power of being able to show up in the most precious coveted place in a user’s daily life. Statistically speaking 90% of users check their email at least once a day. That’s MORE than social and search. Basically, more users check email daily than anything else. Second maybe to text messages.

That’s what makes email more ideal for a series of messages than any other platform. It allows the publisher to slowly drip specifically targeted messages over a series of days that are trackable and quite likely to be opened if the subject message is timed right and the offer and materials follow a specific sequence… Basically if you know this audience really well and can guess what they might like or dislike you can be the pied piper and slowly bring them from one place to the next.

Email is powerful because you can reach users daily. It’s powerful because you can store their purchase data, their survey answers and data from 3rd parties. Data is available on their social networking usage, and all kind of other things.

Coming soon, watch on this site for a private forum that I’ll be opening up. I’ve decided that I’d like to start sharing far more private and powerful email resources and tips with a select group of people. Those people will get access to all this for a super cheap (Netflix cheap) price per month to a private community! If that sounds interesting, keep an eye on this site!


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In an interesting move, Facebook is cancelling it’s email service where users once had theirname@facebook.com. Users who previously were able to send email to their Facebook email address will now see that mail forwarded to their login email address.

This is a pretty significan’t move for those who speculated a few years back that Facebook might dominate the email space and take on things like Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook service. Some even speculated the death of email as a platform. When Facebook announced their email addresses for every user, they also removed users current email addresses from being visible on their platform. There was considerable outrage as well, as anyone who had their contacts sync’d with Facebook had inadvertently lost their contact’s original emails for Facebook email addresses.

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As of 11am Pacific standard time, Aweber is down (confirmed via phone from 1-877-AWEBER1) and not responding. The website Is It Down Right Now? confirms this.

The system that collects email addresses via forms is also down. This outage is affecting everyone who uses their service and service API.

They’re currently experiencing a DOS (Denial Of Service) attack which is where a malicious person or group sends distributed requests at such a high rate of speed that their server cannot cope with all the responses and is unable to respond to any other user’s requests.

A way more nerdy and technical explanation of the topic is easily found here.

Have you ever considered self-hosted?

I think it would be worth pitching the concept of self-hosted servers with automated backups… Using Amazon, a piece of software like ARP-Reach and a service like Sendgrid.

We offer setup of those services. A self-hosted system is usually not an option for those with no technical background, however with Amazon offering it’s daily, weekly and monthly backups, you could always revert back to a day when it was working. It’s rarely down as it’s the same servers that run Reddit, Twitter and others.

ARP-Reach offers it’s own technical support and has a wealth of resources on it’s website for learning, and Send Grid’s live chat is always there to support too. So in that setup, it’s unlikely you’d ever be “alone”.

Good time to Backup

Once the service is back up (and it will be) it’s always a good reminder to backup your list. If you read the fine print on websites like Aweber, you’ll find they do not provide data security. Your list is the lifeblood of your business. Protect it and always backup.