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One of the up and coming video trainings I plan to do will cover “Why you should never batch & blast”.
What’s batch and blast? It’s basically when you mail your entire list with no care for who in particular sees it. It’s like shouting to a crowd. Lots of people hear your message who may not care. You get a mix of engaged and unengaged. It’s one of the top trends that will likely disappear in future email marketing. Major email providers may even one day stop people from doing it.

What’s the big deal about mailing my ENTIRE email list?

Well, in the grand scheme of things, nothing dramatic. You just don’t get GREAT results. No matter what your subscriber database signed up for, there is a diverse group of people on that list. They all have dramatically different profiles, personalities, interests etc.

When a person chooses to start monitoring the actions of their list and creating ‘segments’, they start to see patterns and get very dramatically different results when sending stuff their audience WANTS.

How do I segment my list?
I never bothered to collect anything but their name and email address!

Valid question. So let’s say you have no time to monitor your list and watch what they open etc. Let’s also say you have not bothered to compare your analytics or figure out groupings of customers. Fear not! There’s an answer to get that data without breaking a sweat or doing any complex work!

RapLeaf.com – A service that easily lets you see the age, gender and zip code of your list!
Zip code is powerful. When you compare the US Census data against that data you can start to see zips that have higher or lower income brackets and maybe only mail to people who can afford a big ticket item! Maybe you want to run an event in your area but only mail people close by!
Gender goes without saying. Some offers definitely go well with men more than women or vice versa.
Age is another easy one. Naturally certain things appeal to younger people or can’t be bought by younger folks who have no credit card.

Attentive.ly – Lets you see the social networks your list is on. Say you want to email only your followers on Twitter? Easy! How about those on Facebook or LinkedIn. Perhaps you want to find out what time of day they post most often OR if they’re saying anything about you. You can with their service.




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