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An email nurture campaign is a series of emails designed to slowly educate a freshly subscribed consumer on the product, or company.

Everyone should have a nurture campaign.

When a customer first visits your website and signs up for the newsletter.. they most likely have absolutely no idea who you are. They have no idea what your values are, what your goals are… or what your main goal is in creating the materials that you do.

It’s your chance to share your vision, your mission and why you do what you do. It’s your chance to connect with new customers (automatically when they join) and tell them about yourself. It increases customer loyalty.

A nurture campaign does a lot more than just teach someone about your products and the stuff you SELL. It allows them to learn about who you really are and gives you a chance to welcome them to the X family.

Define X… Just like in algebra! Well, except a lot less boring! Defining what your family or tribe is or represents is key.




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