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As of 11am Pacific standard time, Aweber is down (confirmed via phone fromĀ 1-877-AWEBER1) and not responding. The website Is It Down Right Now? confirms this.

The system that collects email addresses via forms is also down. This outage is affecting everyone who uses their service and service API.

They’re currently experiencing a DOS (Denial Of Service) attack which is where a malicious person or group sends distributed requests at such a high rate of speed that their server cannot cope with all the responses and is unable to respond to any other user’s requests.

A way more nerdy and technical explanation of the topic is easily found here.

Have you ever considered self-hosted?

I think it would be worth pitching the concept of self-hosted servers with automated backups… Using Amazon, a piece of software like ARP-Reach and a service like Sendgrid.

We offer setup of those services. A self-hosted system is usually not an option for those with no technical background, however with Amazon offering it’s daily, weekly and monthly backups, you could always revert back to a day when it was working. It’s rarely down as it’s the same servers that run Reddit, Twitter and others.

ARP-Reach offers it’s own technical support and has a wealth of resources on it’s website for learning, and Send Grid’s live chat is always there to support too. So in that setup, it’s unlikely you’d ever be “alone”.

Good time to Backup

Once the service is back up (and it will be) it’s always a good reminder to backup your list. If you read the fine print on websites like Aweber, you’ll find they do not provide data security. Your list is the lifeblood of your business. Protect it and always backup.



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