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    In breaking news, I won’t add much about this for now, but Google’s adding a prominent unsubscribe link to the top of emails automatically. I’ve previously mentioned this as an advanced strategy for email marketers looking to clean a list and worried about wrecking their current IP reputation by doing so. My suggestion made it so that users could clearly see the unsubscribe link at the top on volitile or ancient lists that hadn’t been mailed in a long time and hopefully drop the percentage that click the “spam” button.

    Google’s planning on adding this feature to the top of promotional messages for you if you’re on a current ESP that supports it.

    A link to signup to the program Google has started titled the Gmail Spam FBL enrollment is here.

    The tool was announced in front of an audience of email marketing professionals at an industry conference in San Francisco held by M3AAWG, an anti-abuse messaging group.


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