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Persuasion is a powerful thing, and in email there’s no exception. In fact, if you can’t persuasde in some way or another, you can’t effectively lead anyone to do anything. Buy something, go some place, or listen to you about anything.

Here are some ways to lead someone some place.

#1. Pain

People will do anything to avoid pain, so you have to think about where in your copy to mention or include the pain. This is like twisting the knife in their gut with their own challenges. Maybe it’s all the ways they’ve tried to solve the problem other than the way you’re about to tell them. Maybe it’s all the money they’ve spent or time they’ve spent! Maybe it’s the embarassment or pride they’ve lost solving it another way. Think of the pain – describe it.

#2. Sell the promise of what life will be like after they have your product or solution. Imagine your life is so much easier now. Imagine all that embarassment you’ve saved yourself, or all the time you’ll have back. What will you do with those thousands of saved dollars? What can you do now that you couldn’t before? Imagine life at the beach, with a lady massaging your back as you sip on a glass of…ahh.. the benefits!

#3. Cliff hangers

A cliff hanger is where you leave something incomplete. You butter them up and then leave them there.. wanting MORE! But the more doesn’t come until they buy or wait till the next email, or video or whatever it might be. Ohh cliff hangers can leave everyone begging.

#4. Anticipation

Similar to the previous except people may know a lot about what they’re expecting, but only certain key elements. Like an Apple launch you’d set a date and then sort of tease the high level details about it leading up to that date. Give away all the what, but the HOW is in that release on Feb 24th!

#5. Jealousy

So.. everyone else in the industry already has one of these, but you don’t… Yes jealousy is a real human emotion that you can tango with. Don’t mess with it too much though unless you’re sure that people really are jealous of what others are doing. But you can unpack this more – especially in niches that appeal to guys. Example… Can you imagine the other guys in the harbour that already have this? Their boats SHINE compared to the other boats. They’re already out there enjoying this, getting all the women and relaxing while other guys (like you) scrub their boats until their fingers bleed!

#6. Fear

Perhaps the biggest motivator in the history of man, has to be fear. Fear of loss, fear of the unknown and many other fears. No doubt if you’ve done your research on your niche you know what your audience fears. You know what bothers them and keeps them up at night. What are they really scared of? How can you capitalize on that to show them that your product makes them forget that fear, or helps them eliminate it completely? Humans will go to great lengths to solve fears.

#7. Trusted authorities

From Oprah to Dr. Oz, the world is covered with authorities that just about anyone would trust if they said something. I strongly recommend using quotes from famous and trusted people to backup any story to further persuade.


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