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Do you need a drip email campaign? Do you know what one is? Perhaps you’ve got a foggy idea but you’re not sure. Let’s dive in and discuss what one is, how it benefits you and why you should consider setting one up.

What is a drip marketing campaign?

Rather than pouring everything onto someone, a drip system simply gives it to them in small easily digested parts. Usually in a logical sequence to cause an emotional response or a sales response. This is done with an autoresponder series. Someone fills out a form indicating they’re interested in something and the system sends a sequence of messages designed to drip on them over time.

Let’s discuss the reasons that drip campaigns work, and why you should consider setting one up, or contacting an expert to set one up for you.

#1. Nobody trusts you the first time they meet you.

Many experts agree that it’s often 7 contacts to a sale. Maybe some prospects are less or more contacts, but regardless… few kiss on the first date or buy on the first click. Truth is, without email you’re going to have to pay to get them back to your website 5-6 more times before they buy… unless you have an automated campaign designed to keep you top of mind until they finally decide to buy from you.

#2. It gives you a chance to provide value

In just one email, you’re not likely to accomplish much, but in a series you can easily give someone so much value by giving them little snippets of advice. You can send them articles, links, videos and basically prove you’re there to help them and not just spam their inbox.

#3. You may not hit the inbox every time

Depending on Gmail’s rules, their own spam filters or.. the current status of your deliverability challenges.. you may not reach the inbox with every email, but a series of 7 over several months are quite likely to hit the inbox a few times at least. No matter how bad your setup might be.

#4. It gives prospects a chance to preview your quality

Let’s be honest, not everyone’s idea of ‘fluff’ is the same as the next guy. What I think of as fluff might be more than enough content to the next guy. I’m pretty harsh with my view of fluff. If every bullet point isn’t actionable, I think it’s fluff. Regardless, once a prospect sees the kind of stuff you give away FREE, it’s a clear sign of what your paid stuff must be like.

#5. Prospects can get to know your style

Everybody has personality types that rub them the wrong way like nails on a chalk board or petting a cat backwards. Humor styles, communication styles and visuals are NOT liked by all groups. There’s one group out there, however, that resonate perfectly with just YOU. Just like Bob Marley to rastafarians and the Beatles to certain teenagers… there’s an audience that loves your style. Let those who don’t unsubscribe.

#6. They give you a chance to read your audience

What people open (subject lines) and what they click on  (inner email content) is a clear indication of what kind of things resonate with your email readers. Remember to keep an eye on this and even consider segmenting people who open emails about A vs B topic.




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